Tuesday 11 September 2012

All grown up

I know. I say this all the time but how can I help it when one is finally in the army and the other is turning 18 in 3 days?

YK called home from army camp one day to say he was really sick and had been sent home to rest. I rushed to the ferry terminal, heart pounding and filled with anxiety. My poor son was diagnosed with upper respiratory tract infection accompanied by high fever. The fact that he is allergic to paracetamol made the situation worse.

With his newly shorn head and thinner frame, he was quite a sorry sight. At home, he ate poorly and coughed through the night. He went back to camp the next day, still sick as a dog. The cough was still bothering him when he returned home last weekend.. I wonder what kind of virus that is because we seem to have caught it too.

His younger brother SK is growing up into a fine young man. We had an early birthday celebration last weekend and I bought him a pair of sunglasses. My friends used to say he has a baby face but I think he looks pretty grown up now.


Open Kitchen Concept said...

Poor YK! There's a vicious flu bug running around. Take care! And.. Happy belated birthday to SK! He does look all grown up! :)

Amel said...

Poor YK! Hope you all get better soon. I'm also under the weather here...:-(

SK does look more like an adult now compared to a few years back when we visited you. :-D

My Sinfonia said...

i can see you are a v proud mummy. hope YK is feeling better.

Malar said...

Hope YK recover fast! poor boy!
Happy birthday to SK!
You're one proud mother!

Wen-ai said...

Hopefully both you and YK have recovered by now? and happy belated birthday to SK! He looked very cool in his shades. ;)