Monday, 18 March 2013

Why I need a car

Even though we live on a small island, I drive around more than the average Singaporean. I know the government is trying to curb the population of cars for the good of the nation but my life will come to a standstill if I have to give up my car.

My friend calls me the Golden daughter because mom can always rely on me to bring her to the doctor, collect medication or run errands. My parents live deep in the countryside miles away from the nearest bus stop and far away from my house. Without a car, I doubt we can even make it back often for our weekly family dinners.

Some people only drive their car to the office and back. Mine is a workhorse. Even though my office is near the city, my job requires me to visit work sites in far flung places that taxi drivers love to avoid. I have learned to relish the challenge of driving through potholes large enough to build a garden pond.
I like that the ample boot space is perfect for transporting compost and planters for my other gardening business.It gets a bit dusty from time to time especially when there are accidents and spills but what is that compared to Rusty's drool?

Our doggie enjoys car rides and displays his joy by pressing his face against the window while watching the world go by. He loves it even more when people blow him kisses and reciprocates by leaving wet smooches all over the window pane.
Without a car, our active and adventurous lifestyle would certainly have to take a backseat. Because the weekend is so precious, we zip from one nature reserve to another to enjoy what each has to offer. 

For the past few weeks, we have been driving to the furthest end of Rifle Range Road to trek towards Macritchie Reservoir. The boys usually stop midway to photograph the flora and fauna, I continue hiking along the forest trails until I am exhausted then walk back to reunite with them.
Pitcher plants growing in the wild.
If you are a nature lover, you will never get tired of visiting the same places week after week. Recently we found an area that was teeming with pitcher plants.

Bukit Brown Cemetery is another of our favourite haunts. There is nothing spooky at all about the graveyard especially on a bright and glorious morning. I tend to view it as a huge park that is home to many mature trees with branches that arch beautifully across the pathways and tombstones. I like how the towering trees are laden with wild ferns and orchids, they offer such a a breath-taking sight. 
The rich and dense vegetation naturally attracts a diversity of wildlife. While is is not surprising to see monkeys, butterflies and birds here, nothing is more fascinating that seeing a strikingly beautiful crimson sunbird preening itself before my car mirror. The car has come in handy here!
When you're driving off the beaten path with a growling tummy, chances are you might discover hidden gems such as Riders Cafe. Granted, we have been there once years ago but still, we were pleased as pie when we chanced upon it again. It is not somewhere you can easily find without a vehicle.
 The food is good, serving is generous and service is friendly. Riders Cafe uses mostly brioche for the sandwiches which is a good thing because it is so yummy. It was here that we discovered the yummiest chocolate cake - Death by Chocolate. At $12 per serving, it is large enough to feed 3 people. The slice of warm cake, topped with vanilla ice cream, was drowning in warm chocolate sauce, making it so awfully sinful. There is so much molten chocolate that you can literally drink by the spoonful.
The car has brought us to so many secret locations including this farm that is tucked away in Mandai. It reminds me of my childhood days.

We used to have a deep pond just like this. Farmers will understand how important it is to to have reliable water supply. When we were there in February, the farm was ablaze with red and yellow flowers. These attractive plants are highly sought after during Chinese New Year for the auspicious colours. The sight was mesmerising, just like the lavender or tulip fields we had seen in Europe. I never thought a view like this was possible in Singapore.
When we were there yesterday, the entire farm was barren. I wonder what they're planning to grow next. We would certainly need a car to find out, won't we?


Anonymous said...

you do not understand the distinction between "need" and "want"

Anonymous said...

emigrate to malaysia if u like this kind of lifestyle

Blur Ting said...

I do need a car for work and since I already have it, I want to make use of it to bring us to places that are out of reach.

Blur Ting said...

I am considering migrating to Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anomymous, just because you are a product of mental conditioning don't assume others ought to be. This is a light hearted lifestyle blog so save your politically loaded comments someplace else

Anonymous said...

Great photo of the sunbird, nice timing, love it!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

You have such an active lifestyle Ting! :)

Wen-ai said...

Opps Ting, you got spam! O yes, I love the way you have such zest for life. How you will spend time and effort to check out the natural and rural parts of our tiny urban singapore!

The World According To Me said...

I'm glad you have a car to go these wonderful places and show us your pictures!
Molten chocolate, yum!