Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Reunion in Penang

My last trip to Penang two yeas ago was a really short one. Yet in the few hours I was there, my client took me sightseeing and treated me to all the delicious local food. We zipped around in her car and she avoided all the busy roads which made all the difference. We covered quite a lot in less than a day.

When I was visiting an old friend in Penang during the weekend, we traveled everywhere by bus and were stuck in traffic a lot. The streets are narrow, and with the increasing car population, the traffic situation can only get worse. And thanks to the wet weather, we didn't do much in 3 days.

This long-awaited reunion was a bitter-sweet one. The years have not been too kind on her. She used to be very wealthy but had lost all her money to bad investments. Seeing her lead such a humble life takes some getting used to especially when we're meeting for the first time in 10 years. In the midst of all the turmoil, she met a nice guy and have gotten married. 

She no longer owns a fleet of cars like before and is now learning to ride a scooter. That is if she can overcome the fear of riding after a recent fall. For now, she takes the public bus.

It was good to see that she remains generous and cheerful despite these setbacks. We had a great time catching up and I know that life can only get better for her. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
View of Ferringhi Beach from her apartment.

Fried oyster omelette -a dish only the Asians can appreciate. My friend from USA voted this the worst thing he had ever tasted.

Fried kuay teow.

Grilled stingray.

Chicken satay.
Pancake with banana and ice cream.


The World According To Me said...

The worst thing he has ever tasted? That's quite an achievement!
Sorry to hear about your friends troubles. Good to hear she has remained positive and cheerful.

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