Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Blue skies

Our weather is indeed unpredictable. A freak downpour last week dumped so much water within 2 hours that Bukit Timah Road was flooded. Amongst the cars that were totally submerged in a basement carpark were a Ferrari and Porsche. Ouch.

Before Nigel arrived, I told him to brace himself for lots of rain.

"It has been pouring in England, so much so that a century-old bridge was washed away by flood waters!" he said.

Oh well, the tropical storms here are not dramatic enough. It's nothing compared to the continuous downpour he experienced in Mumbai last week. So I said, "You're in for some cool weather at this time of the year."

He laughed. 32 degree celcius is cool? Surely it can't be as cold as winter in England.

Strange enough, for the two days he's here, we're having blue skies. He walks from one end of the CBD to the other so he could bask in the sun. I totter alongside, suffering in silence and wishing I was in my sneakers instead of heels.

Thanks to my pigmented skin, I've turned quite sissy. I love the sun on my skin but whenever I look at my ravaged skin, I wished I had been more careful all these years. A freckled face is only cute on a young girl.

Anyhow, Nigel is leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow. Then he's off to Korea and Shanghai where it's bitterly cold. No wonder he's absorbing as much heat as he can while he is here.

Blue sky - Shot by CH this afternoon.


charlie hotel said...

Umm, that's a morning sky...

Nick Phillips said...

It's been raining constantly over here too and only today did we have some sunshine :D

Need to ask you a few questions about those stickers. Will drop you an email a little later.

k@Ye_ said...

CH, great pix taken!

Ting, sun protection => Bring umbrella whenever u go... Looks auntie but for the sake of our skin, no choice! (Me also do that!)