Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Too free

It's 7.30pm and I'm strangely free in my own home. The boys are out with their friends and there's no need to cook dinner (except Rusty's) or wash the dishes. I have no chores to do!

I'm not home alone you see. My brother's maid is staying with me for several days while they're away in Club Med. "Send her over and she can have a holiday at my house!", I said.

The thing is, this industrious little Filipina called Mel refuses to sit still. After I leave for work early in the morning, she starts cleaning, washing and ironing, I return to a sparkling home. Honestly I didn't know my house can be that clean! Not only that, she ironed all the clothes and organised our wardrobe until they resemble a department store.

She made me realise that I'm not that talented when it comes to doing housework. First of all, I avoid ironing at all costs because I suck at it. I can't even fold and stack clothes neatly and I can always find stray fur after I've vacuumed the floor. I can't seem to keep the dust out of my house or remove stains from furniture. Yet Mel has proven that nothing is too difficult for her.

My house is so tidy now that I'm considering employing a full time maid. The challenge is finding a place for her to sleep. Currently SK bunks in with me so that Mel can sleep on his bed. I want my bed back!

I must savour this domesticated bliss while it lasts. My brother is returning in two days and Mel will have to leave us. Then I'll be back to cleaning and scrubbing again.


charlie hotel said...

What a nice problem to hav!

The World According To Me said...

Could she come to my flat please? I'm not bad at house work, but Mel sounds far better than me!