Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Double birthday

Last night, we gathered at Satay Club at Lau Pa Sat to celebrate two birthdays. The plan was to meet at 9pm to celebrate Hakim's birthday (4th), eat and drink until past midnight so we could celebrate Graeme's birthday (5th Nov).

CH and I arrived early as usual, only to be greeted by a heavy downpour soonafter. We had to scramble indoors when the rain came down in buckets.

The rest of the gang trickled in slowly, after their Bollywood dance class, work and what nots. Thankfully the rain had stopped by then and we were back under the stars again.

I must say we were a mixed bunch. There were 2 Germans, one Aussie, one Kiwi, one American-born Chinese, two French, one Bangladeshi and 5 Singaporean Chinese amongst us. The food was very Asian - satay, samosa, rojak and smelly tofu, washed down with loads of Tiger beer.

I skipped the beer because I was driving. Once again, I was the first to leave the party because I had to get up early the next day. But I'll see them all again this Saturday to celebrate Bev's birthday. It's going to be a Bollywood party!

Graeme showing everyone his gift.

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