Monday, 2 November 2009

Jekyll and Hyde

It has been a busy day indeed. For the first time, I find myself juggling three different businesses in one day. It's exhausting but exciting. I was at the container yard in the morning, then I was buying vegetable seeds from the wholesaler around noon and sending my artworks for offset printing in the afternoon. And I was doing so many other errands in between.

By now, I've also realised I can be two different persons. During my high energy days, I conceive ideas and implement them in a heartbeat. Then on my low energy days, when my brain grinds to a standstill, I just want to lie in bed and sleep.

At this ripe old age, I have learned to manage my contrasting personality. So far, I've harnessed and put the surplus energy to good use. Most of my business ventures were implemented during these energetic phases. I've been known to re-landscape the entire yard in one weekend or travel to many new places within a short period of time. From running a half-marathon to learning how to sail, I just had to do something.

But on days when my energy level is down at the pits, I feel too lethargic to even sit up straight or keep my eyes open. I wouldn't bother to blog or even write an email. Thank goodness such days are few and far between. They come and go quickly, before I know it, I'm ready for action again.

I'm not feeling particularly energetic this week but I think I've set myself up for hectic days ahead. Due to my marketing effort, I've been fielding phonecalls and meeting new preschools to promote our products. The core business is also keeping me busy. Not forgetting, the handful of social events happening this week - 4 birthday celebrations!

I hope I'm not peanut-buttering myself.

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The Real Mother Hen said...

sometimes taking things slowly is actually quite beneficial - I've learnt, so now I slow down like an old aunty :) wish you luck, and don't burn out!