Tuesday, 16 February 2010

(Almost) back at work

We're back at the office briefly to do some work during the auspicious hour. The office building is quiet and there's hardly anyone at the foodcourt. It'll stay that way all week.

While everyone is still in the holiday mood, I'm quite ready to start work. The kids are having their exams/test next week, so they had better get down to serious studying.

When I was at the beach on Monday, the entire coastline was lined with tents. Families came prepared for a long stay armed with loads of food, portable stoves and camping equipment. Some even brought their own generator set to power up their TV set.

The nice weather contributed to a pleasant 1-hour walk from my house to the beach. CH caught up with me later and we ended up dozing off under the shady coniferous trees. Isn't it strange how the seabreeze can quickly lull one to sleep? If we were to live in a house by the beach, wouldn't we be so sleepy all day?

We had some visitors at home yesterday. My god-daughter came by and spent the morning playing with Rusty. I've not seen a young child who loves and cares for dogs as much as she does.

Bev and Hakim arrived just after my god-daughter left. I rustled up some seafood noodles for lunch and we spent the afternoon drinking cider and watching slapstick comedy in the cool comfort of our home. Another lazy day but a pleasant one.


The Real Mother Hen said...

Hold on a second, own generator for the TV set?! Wow!!! :)

auntielucia said...

Haha, pity no wi-fi hotspots on the beach?

charlie hotel said...

Actually select areas of the beach does have WiFi coverage, but a book or magazine makes much better reading there.

Nick Phillips said...

It's always this time of the year that I love cos the traffic isa breeze ... LOL!