Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Journey to work

This morning, I took a train and then a bus to work, something I haven't done in years. A journey that normally takes 15 minutes by car is now an hour long. I miss my car!

Today's journey costs only $2.40 compared to the $10 cabfare yesterday. I saved $7.60 but gained some new blisters on my feet.

When the kids complain about the long uphill climb home from the train station, I tell them it's nothing compared to my long walks with Rusty every day. Now I take it all back.

I realise that walking the dog in the cool evening is different from going up and down the hill in my heels. It becomes especially hard when you're carrying a handbag and laptop with the sun beating down on you.

Now I know that wearing sensible shoes and a light cotton dress makes all the difference. Of course I only realise that after making the mistake of wearing my new 3.5 inch platform shoes yesterday. I almost threw it away on the way home. It was that uncomfortable.

Did I mention my ultra comfy sandals broke when I was walking home from the train station the day before? I was struggling up the hill and the strap broke, just like that. I had to hobble home.

Before I left the house this morning, I examined my shoes thoroughly to ensure they would take me to the office and back without any incident. I also checked that I had enough coins in my purse for train and bus fare.

YK and I boarded the same train today. We ended up sitting opposite each other. For me, it felt strange looking at him across the cabin. I still find it hard to imagine my son is now a young man.

When it was time for me to alight, he looked up and waved goodbye. As I walked out the cabin, I turned back to see him still waving and smiling. I suddenly felt a rush of emotion.

It brought back memories of the days when he was a little toddler and I had to sneak out of the house every morning because he couldn't bear to see me leave. It broke my heart everytime I heard his cries when he realised I was gone.

Oh, how quickly he has grown.


mooiness said...

Wow that last bit about how you would sneak out of the house reminded how it was with me and my mom. :D

And I can understand how surreal it is that you feel seeing your son growing up and all that. My mom still treats me like I'm that little cry baby sometimes. :)

Blur Ting said...

Haha, so your mom had to sneak out too? Aw, she must have felt awful then.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

I can so understand about the walking and public transport part.. being someone who doesnt really always drive...

Burcu said...

High heel shoes are nightmare for me recently too. As i already have a problem with my footbase it's so painful to stand even 15 minutes with my platform shoes. That's why i always take my trainers with me whereever i go :) If you are in love with big handbags, then just put them into your bag and change it on your way back home.
When you're at home, just set your feet free under the cold water. It's such a great feeling Blur ;)


Amel said...

Ouch...sorry to hear about the blisters and the broken sandal. :-((( Time does fly so fast and you've done a great job raising two kids into two young men. :-D I've never worn high heels anymore since I moved to Finland. Boots and sneakers only. :-D

Blur Ting said...

OKC - Oh, your house is not exactly right by the bus stop or mrt either :-I

Blur Ting said...

Burcu - Thanks for the tip. I don't usually wear very high shoes but since my favourite sandals is broken and I needed something to match my clothes, I picked that pair. It's very sturdy, just not comfortable for long distance. I love walking in trainers, it is like walking on air!

Blur Ting said...

Amel - I guess your weather is too cold for open toe sandals!