Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Monkeying around

We live in a fairly built-up estate with no nature reserve or forest nearby. Yet I spotted an adult macaque running across the busy street one day. Where did it come from?

It looked like a male, a smart one who was clever enough to know how to dodge speeding cars. It ran towards the apartment blocks and disappeared from my view.

I forgot all about it until CH told me he spotted a macaque perched on a fence nearby. Some curious onlookers were seen whipping out their cameras. It must have been the same one I saw weeks ago. Looks like he has decided to stay put.

While I was out walking Rusty this evening, the macaque came charging towards our little doggie. Rusty was busy nosing around, he wasn't even aware he was about to be attacked. Thanks to my quick reflexes, I grabbed him and dashed across the road, away from the vicious monster.

The macaque sat there, staring at me with his scary eyes. And Rusty didn't even know what the fuss was about. I can understand that our doggie is partially blind but can't he at least smell the monkey?

This is the one!


Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

oh my, try carry a baton when u walk Rusty now, or alone. these animals mean no monkey business......

k@Ye_ said...

Scary, totally agree with ah fry... It will also attack humans! Be careful!

petunialee said...

Oh I hate monkeys!!