Thursday, 11 February 2010

In the garden

I spent a good part of the day outdoors, mostly under the sun. I enjoyed myself tremendously, especially when it's not a scorching hot day like this one.

Of course, I was happy because Chinese New Year is only days away and I was out in my parent's orchid farm cutting pretty blooms for my friends. Flowers are auspicious as they symbolise new growth and wealth, so I make it a point to give a bouquet to special friends. I mustn't forget to get some for my apartment when I visit my parents again. I need wealth too!

I was at the School of Joy this afternoon and boy, am I excited to start! The school garden is in a state of neglect and my job is to bring it back to life again. Before I can grow anything, we would need to get in loads of top soil and compost. It's almost like starting from a clean slate but I'm ready to take up the challenge.

I am impressed by the dedication shown by the teachers in charge of this special group of students. One of the classrooms is fully equipped with a kitchen and appliances for the kids to bake cookies and cakes. Cooking class is on every friday while my gardening session is scheduled for wednesdays.

The kids were practising line dancing when I visited today. The teachers ensure that they complete their homework before starting these extra classes. It's a well-thought out system that helps kids with behavourial problems learn more social skills.

Next week, I will be meeting the landscape contractor to discuss about how to spruce up the school garden. We'll work together to clean up the place, loosen up the earth and add in soil and compost. Once that is done, the kids and I can start growing herbs, vegetables and fruit trees. I can't wait!


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Open Kitchen Concept said...

Wow.. It sounds really exciting indeed. Such a nice school! :)

petunialee said...

I come help!!

Blur Ting said...

Yes, this school has a heart.

And Petunia, you must come. You will love it!!

auntielucia said...

Quite out of my league Blur but all the best for succssful and not so secret garden! :-D