Sunday, 21 February 2010

JC gathering

I had an enjoyable Sunday meeting up with old friends from junior college. As usual, we gathered at Viv's house to do a cookout. The last time we did this was 5 years ago. She had just moved into the apartment and was expecting a set of twin daughters. Her son was just a toddler then.

At that time, I made a pot of chicken curry. Here is a photo of us beaming into the camera.

Five years ago.

I saw her adorable daughters for the first time yesterday. I really have a soft spot for twins. Twice as cute and twice the joy! Naturally, we spent the whole afternoon trying to tell the twins apart!

And look at how big and handsome her little boy has grown!

Yvonne's california roll and chawanmushi were the stars at our lunch yesterday. These things require lots of time and effort to prepare, only someone with her patience can handle. I'm all for quick meals, so I simply marinated teriyaki chicken and cod the day before and brought them over to grill and panfry.

Yesterday's gathering.

Needless to say, we had a really lovely afternoon chatting and laughing. ML is rather observant because she noticed my tan. Yah, I spent the day before on a hammock by the beach. I love lazy afternoons like that.

Lazy afternoon by the beach.


Open Kitchen Concept said...

The pictures of the 2 girls...So cute!

Amel said...

YUM for lazy afternoons and must've been SO MUCH FUN with the ladies...and my, those twins are cute indeed, as well as the boy! :-D

You still look the same like 5 years ago, Ting he he he...

Len said...

Hey! I missed both events but I did attend the gathering b4 Viv gave birth to Juliene and Chara.

Vivien Ho said...

Len... btw, do you hv any group photo we took when I was still preggie with Chara and Julien?