Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Wet wednesday

I haven't been sleeping well these few nights. For some reason, I kept waking up in the wee hours of the morning to find it was only 2am, then 3am and 4am. Feeling frustrated, I got up at 5am today and pottered around the kitchen.

Ever since I changed my breakfast fare to boiled sweet potatoes, my energy level doesn't dip anymore throughout the day. So there I was at 5am, putting two small tubers to boil and seasoning chicken pieces for slow cooking.

In the crockpot, I made a layer of potatoes, carrot and canned button mushroom and then laid the chicken pieces (seasoned with salt, lots of garlic, rosemary, thyme and pepper, then browned in a pan for about 5 minutes) on top. I added some broth and closed the lid. The chicken will be cooking on low heat until I get home from work. I can imagine the house will be infused with the smell of rosemary chicken all day long!

With the slow cooker, I don't have to rush back and slave away in the kitchen anymore. We'll come home to an instant hot meal in the evening. All I need to do is stir fry some vegetables or make a salad and dinner can be served. Less oil splattering means less cleaning up to do too. Why didn't I think of this earlier? I think life is getting easier as I discover more efficient methods of cooking and housekeeping.

It's raining outside as I write. As usual, SK and I went for our breakfast in the city. Some of the roads are already closed in preparation for this weekend's F1 night race. Our popular kopitiam (coffeeshop) was much quieter than usual. Another victim of the hype-up race. Many malls in the city are already experiencing a big drop in sales due to the road closures and tight security.

The sky turned very dark while I was driving to work. After a hot week, we're beginning to see more rain again. This does not bode well for the F1 drivers. Doing a night race on wet roads can be a nightmare for them. Oh well. They're the experts.

Dark clouds moving in while I was waiting at a traffic junction.

View from the office window.


Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) said...

I'm actually looking forward to the race this weekend :D And I sincerely hope it rains that night. It will definitely spice up things :D

The Real Mother Hen said...

Hey get to know that you are switching back to sweet potato and get your energy back.

I bet Conrad is having a camp there to watch F1 :)

Enjoy the day Ting :)

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how just the simplest things make life so much easier!