Thursday 24 February 2011


The last time I had coffee was 12 days ago. It was a Monday. I had a cup of instant coffee at a client's office and another cup of strong brew at an Italian restaurant. Then nothing for the next 2 weeks. On the second day without coffee, I had a headache the whole day - part of the side effects.

Now that my body is all cleaned up, I have no more cravings for coffee.

Prior to that, my day would start humming only after drinking a hot cup of coffee. Very often, by the time lunch hour rolls around, I had to resist the urge to reach for another one. My day would be complete only after I had my coffee break at 3pm.

The thing about coffee is, the more you drink, the more your body craves for it. It's a habit and addiction. The smell of coffee is comforting and the taste fills the body with immense satisfaction.

I started drinking coffee when I began working and got hooked. As a child, we never had coffee at home. The old coffee shop at my workplace served the best coffee. I had my milky coffee cum kaya toast breakfast there every morning. The only time I quit drinking was when I was pregnant and nursing.

Can you imagine how much caffiene I had been feeding my body for the past 2 decades? I almost couldn't live without it. The first thing I do when I check into a hotel is to make myself a cup of coffee. Sometimes I even bring my own in case the supply runs out.

Coffee used to be a necessity when I'm reading the papers. This morning, I contemplated making a cup of coffee but was reluctant to do so. I was afraid I might get hooked again. I had a cup of hot cereal instead.

During the weekend, after a refreshing cup of coffee, I would find myself with plenty of energy to tackle housework. Well, let's see how I cope tomorrow.


Open Kitchen Concept said...

plus not drinking coffee saves you money!

Blur Ting said...

OKC - Yes, kind of. I usually drink Goldroast 3-in-1 daily, that's like 20cts per cup!

Amel said...

Finnish people also drink SO much coffee. R2 drinks two cups a day. I myself can't drink coffee when I have morning shifts the next day 'coz I won't be able to sleep early at nights after drinking coffee no matter how tired I am 'coz it really gets my brain going overactive. I only drink coffee once a week and I always put milk and sugar with it (usually 1/4 or 1/3 coffee).

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