Tuesday 8 February 2011

In a nutshell

How time flies. It's already Day 7 of the Chinese New Year. According to Chinese tradition, we celebrate the birthday of 'men' on this day.

Here in Singapore, we toss and eat 'yusheng', a raw fish and vegetable salad that signifies abundance, prosperity and vigour. I've had several sessions of yusheng already and the results are showing around the waist.

Chinese New Year is all about getting together with family and friends. As usual, we gathered at my parent's house for a sumptuous reunion dinner on the eve of the new year.

Day 1 - We made our way to our parent's house in the morning, bringing mandarin oranges and well wishes for my family.

Day 2 was spent at home resting, followed by a trip to Punggol Beach in the evening.

Day 3 was reserved for meeting up with old friends and distributing hong baos (lucky money) to their kids.

Day 4 was spent receiving guests (YK and SK's friends) at home. When the kids were younger, I used to bring them around to visit older relatives. Now the time has come for me to stay at home to welcome these young visitors. I can't help but feel like an old aunty!

After the 5-day break (and non-stop eating), I am quite happy to be back at work. We have a couple more visits to do this weekend before we round up the celebrations. Then it is time to work on the jelly belly!


JY69 said...

Sounds like a good start to the New Year!!!

Amel said...

WOW, your boys look more and more manly as time goes by! :-D :-D :-D Indeed time flies. Can't believe it's already Feb!!!

pobell said...

I need to work on the jelly belly too Ting!

Malar said...

You and ur sons looks like siblings! You are not old aunty!
You must be one happy mother to be surrounded by your grown up kids!

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