Saturday, 9 April 2011

Raining cats and dogs

It was raining cats and dogs when we arrived at Petals and Leaves, a lovely restaurant in Kranji Countryside. We parked and made a quick dash to the porch, trying our best to stay dry.

We were not alone. Two pups were also scampering about, soaked to the skin. When lightning flashed in the sky, the smaller dog started shaking and cowered under our table.

Soon, both dogs were seeking solace below our table. The waiters, thinking we might not like it, tried to shoo them away. I told them I enjoy having them at my feet.

SK and I shared a platter of calamari and fish & chips.

Deep fried food - unhealthy but delicious.


charlie hotel said...

Did these two fall out of the sky? Where were the owners?

Amel said...

Looks yummy. Poor doggies, though. :-(

Blur Ting said...

The dogs belong to the farm cum restaurant. The younger one was shivering like crazy, just like Rusty.