Thursday 2 June 2011

Last day in Kuala Lumpur

We had a leisurely but uninspiring breakfast by the pool on our last day. After 2 days of shopping, we had difficulty shutting our suitcase. I almost had to pay for excess baggage on the flight back.

We checked out of the apartment at 12pm, left the bags at the concierge and walked to meet our friend for lunch. She insisted we must try the nasi lemak at Sisters Cafe near her office building.

Guilty from over indulging over the weekend, she picked the least sinful item - porridge.

We all shared 2 rolls of popiah which was really good.

The rest of us had a plate of nasi lemak each. Indeed, it was a good recommendation. The chicken was tender and juicy which went well with the sweet and chunky chilli. Rice was soft and fragrant from the coconut milk. Hard boiled egg, fried peanuts, anchovies and cucumber complete the meal.

Satiated from lunch, we walked to Suria KLCC, the premier shopping mall next to Petronas Twin Towers. Along the way, we went past several interesting pubs and restaurants.

The imposing Petronas Towers dominated the skyline. There were lots of road works going on around us, forcing us to walk on the road where our safety is compromised. KL needs to build proper pedestrain walkways.

Suria KLCC is a 6-level crescent shaped shopping mall which contains over 200 specialty stores, 3 departmental stores, cinemas and huge food courts. It is so massive, we must have burnt all the calories we had consumed during lunch.

We ate again hours later, just before heading to the airport. This time, we had an early dinner at Secret Recipe Restaurant. There are so many outlets in KL, it is impossible not to stumble upon one with your eyes closed.

I must say a couple of my girl friends are big eaters, even I am amazed at their appetite. I wasn't that hungry, so I shared a bowl of tom yum soup with my friend.

The rest had beef noodles and cod fish fillet.

For dessert, we shared brownie with vanilla ice cream which was really good.

I can't say the same about the cheesecake. It wasn't worth the calories.

I was quite glad to catch the flight back to Singapore and put an end to all this endless eating. I gave my tummy a rest for a few days, eating mostly fruits. It's back to eating simple meals and practising self restraint.


JY69 said...

oh i can imagine...but we must all indulge once in awhile!!!

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