Sunday 18 December 2011

Time for socialising

I love December! The weather is cool and everyone's in a holiday mood. It's the best time for socialising. Well, that's what we've been doing a lot of lately.

Our Christmas celebrations began last Friday at Chris&EY's house. I love eating anything that's prepared by EY because her Korean dishes are as traditional as they can get.

Even the rice is always special. This time she added some wild vegetables in it. Before eating, mix some paste and spicy sauce to make it really flavourful.

Another dish which you can't find in the restaurants here is the assorted seaweed salad. She used several types of seaweed, some rather unusual and pretty ones too. The homemade dressing was also very special.

Besides serving a hot and spicy stew, she also prepared a large variety of side dishes. The most unique was a jelly (extreme left in picture below) made from acorn starch.

Another group of friends gathered on an early Sunday morning at Glory for a delicious Nonya breakfast.

We ordered their popular popiah which is a big and fat vegetable roll. Here you can see our 4 popiahs being assembled.

The popiah is huge!

I think the pie-tee is even more delicious. They were made using the same fillings as the popiah but the crispy shells really made the dish stand out.

Another highly recommended dish is the mee siam.

This morning, I stopped by Petunia's house for a chat. She had recently gone on a low-carb diet and is experimenting with a new bread recipe using almond meal and rosemary.

I haven't eaten bread in more than a month and when I tasted a warm slice, my knees went weak. It was so delicious that I ate it all up without any jam or spreads. I brought back half a loaf and couldn't resist eating it all up for lunch. It was so good, I'm seriously considering buying a bread-making machine so I can bake bread like this everyday!


My Sinfonia said...

I am drooling at my laptop and dying with craving....

Anonymous said...

Wow!! We have missed out alot. :P Chris and CH are really blessed with great cooks! kekeke!!

Blur Ting said...

Indeed! You guys were away right?