Friday, 16 December 2011

Ugly chocolate cake

If you think ugly cakes don't exist, then look again. I have one right before me. I'm even too embarrassed to bring it to the X'mas party tonight.

You see, I was ogling the most delicious looking cakes at Da Paolo Gastronomia this afternoon but the prices put me off. Instead I went and got myself a pack of Betty Crocker Moist Chocolate Cake mix at a fraction of the cost and spent the afternoon making my own.

The uneven oven temperature (it's not a proper oven) caused the cake to rise into an ugly dome shape. After slicing off the top (and the charred bits) with a fruit knife, the cake looked worse than ever. That was when I decided to slather a layer of cream cheese frosting (yeah, that's the only one I know) on top.

I used a kitchen knife to spread the frosting and the results were terrible. So I came up with this crazy idea to make soft peaks. And here is what you get without the proper baking tools.

Somehow, the cake still looked so miserable. I dusted some icing sugar and cocoa powder all over with the hope of making it look more sophisticated.

I don't think it looks any better now. Let's just hope it's delicious.


My Sinfonia said...

not too bad! that's what I would have done! hahhaah...hope it was good

Petunia Lee said...

EVERYTHING costs so much these days! It's nuts!!

Malar said...

I bet it was tasting good! Thought that's count! ;)

Wen-ai said...

No worries lah. As long as the cake is delicious! I love messy, ugly chocolate cakes, so that I don't feel guilty mashing it up when Im eating it! Heh.

Nicole Gamble said...

I love it when experiments turn out so delicious!