Tuesday, 6 March 2012

There will never be another you

Recently I participated in a Facebook contest called "There will never be another you". The top 5 most popular entries will win a photoshoot by famous photographer Russell Wong.

The moment I saw this contest, I thought of my best friend. She's someone whom I cherish alot. It would be great if we could have a photo taken together by a professional photographer!

After entering the contest, I realised we're never going to win because we have not garnered many votes. In fact, we're way behind many entries.

Instead of giving up the fight, I'm hoping to gather some support from my readers. If you have a Facebook account, please be so kind and vote for us. Just click on this link and like my entry.

We have been best friends since we were 6, yet we’re as different as chalk and cheese. She’s petite and compact, while I am taller and rugged. She sports a short, neat bob while I like my hair long and flowing. She is mostly serious while I am always grinning (and goofy).

An engineer by training, she’s systematic and methodological. I tend to be more expressive and spontaneous. She likes simple stylish outfits while I am a boho chick with loads of fanciful accessories. She wears court shoes while I am always running around in sandals. She participates in marathons while I prefer short runs. She’s patient and optimistic while I can be angsty and hot-headed. She drives a solid Volvo sedan while I zip around in my black jeep. Even our tastes in food are different. At the buffet table, she heads straight for the spicy Asian delicacies while I’d go for fruits, nuts, cheese and sweet desserts.

We seem to have little in common, yet it’s amazing how happy we are when we’re together! She cracks me up with the little goofy things she does and we giggle like school girls when we meet. She’s protective and treats me like a little sister and she's someone I can always turn to. Perhaps we know each other so well, we click like the Ying Yang twins. This friendship took us years to cultivate and we see many more to come, right into our golden years


My Sinfonia said...

How sweet. . Will support. Hope you win

auntielucia said...

I tried to get into Gr8Eastern's there will never be another you page to try and vote for you. But everything hanged, due to a "long script" said my error msg and that the page wasn't responding. Mayb that's y u didn't get as many votes as you deserve?

Blur Ting said...

oh really? Gosh, I'm missing out!

Wen-ai said...

I managed to like your FB page. Did you see?

Blur Ting said...

Thanks Wen Ai!! I won't be able to see the voter's identity but I have 36 votes now. A big difference from before but still far behind the others. It's ok. Thanks everyone for voting!

The World According To Me said...

I've just liked!
And I do like. Funny how different and the same you are. The same because you value each other's opinions and feelings and you enjoy each other's company. It sounds like a wonderful friendship.

Anonymous said...

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