Sunday, 6 May 2012

Mom's birthday

My mom turns 75 today. I think she looks great at her age. Last week she told me she feels so blessed to have a loving family and 6 lovely grandchildren. I think so too.


Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

happy birthday, Ah Ma! =D

Petunia Lee said...

Pretty Grandma!

Wen-ai said...

Happy birthday Gram!!!!!!!! ;)

Amel said...

Happy birthday for your Mom! I agree that she looks GREAT for her age. Hope she continues to stay as healthy as she can be...

Your littlest niece has grown so much!!!! WOW!

My Sinfonia said...

sweet ;)

Malar said...

Happy belated Birthday to your mum! She really look so cheerful!

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