Wednesday 7 November 2012


The cake is done. Not the prettiest but done. In fact, I baked two so that SK can get to taste it too. Well, SK's one is a miniature version.

A supplier asked for a last minute meeting today (just before the birthday celebration) so I had to bring forward the baking to the night before. It turned out to be a good idea for the cakes were fully cooled and ready for frosting this morning.

As I left the cake to cool on the dining table last night, Rusty parked himself below and refused to sleep in the bedroom. For a moment, I had visions of him climbing up the chair, onto the table and gobbling up the birthday cake. CH said he's not that smart but I know he can be quite determined.

Anyway the cake survived the night. I got up early (had to forgo my morning run) to prepare the cheese cream frosting (delicious mix of cheese, butter, icing sugar, orange and lemon zest and lemon juice) and slapped it onto the cakes before leaving for work.

The next thing I did was to inform my friends who are going to the party that I'm going to surprise Beverly with a cake, so there is no need to go buy another one.

So yah, the cake is ready and I think Beverly will be surprised (at how hideous it looks)!
So much fuss over a cake.... typical Blur Ting.


Charlie Hotel said...


Anonymous said...

At least Rusty din manage to gobble it up!

Blur Ting said...

Hah yes! otherwise I will not make another one!

Petunia Lee said...

It was something of a risk to leave the cake out all night floating some metres above a hungry and determined doggie. Thank goodness JRTs have short legs.

Amel said...

It looks DELICIOUSSSSSS. :-D I'm sure everybody will enjoy it. :-D

Malar said...

Such a sweet lady you are!
Rusty is a good dog!