Saturday, 3 May 2008


This morning, for some unknown reason, I was in a state of panic. Out of the blue, I suddenly realised that I had forgotten my Tibetan Dharma name, the name given to me by my Buddhist teacher Khensur Losang Thubten Rinpoche many years ago.

Suddenly I was afraid of losing connection with my teacher. If you ever meet him, you will find that he is an embodiment of loving kindness and compassion. He had given me so much guidance during those tumultuous years of my life. Through him, I learn about compassion.

Whenever I see him, all my worries just dissipate into thin air. In his gentle soft voice, he always asks about my parents, the kids and most importantly whether I had been meditating. I always reply sheepishly, "I've not been meditating, Rinpoche."

He would smile, clasp his hands before his face and say, "Remember to chant this mantra Om Mani Padme Hum."

So, all morning, I dug into the deepest recess of my mind, trying to recall that special name that used to roll off my tongue. As I swept the dried leaves in the yard, my mind couldn't stop thinking. Later when I was running through the trails of Bukit Timah Hill, I decided to chant Om Mani Padme Hum with every step I took.

Suddenly, I had a revelation. Since I could remember the first name "Jampa', I tried to run the name through my head like this, Jampa A, Jampa B, Jampa C and by the time I came to Jampa D, it came so clearly to me.

Eureka! It's Jampa Drolka. What a beautiful name. It brings wonderful memories of my teacher and his teachings. I feel so connected to Rinpoche again.


WaterLearner said...


You are sooooo funny! Forgetting your own name!

Haha.. you now feeling better? What does that name mean anyway?

charlie hotel said...

Maybe we should all call you by that name from now on, just so you won't forget?

Blur Ting said...

Water - Blur right? I thought it is something I would never forget. That shows what a lousy follower I am. That's why I decided to blog about it, then at least I know the name is somewhere out there where I could refer to in future.

The name Jampa is Rinpoche's teacher. We follow the lineage.
I know the name Drolka is very meaningful but gee, I can't really recall in detail. Don't want to anyhow translate in case I get it wrong. I'll ask Rinpoche or his assistant again when I see him. :-P

Blur Ting said...

CH - At one time, I almost wanted to name my company Drolka but yah, you can call me that. Just don't be too surprised if you don't get any response :-)

Amel's Realm said...

WONDERFUL!!! :-))) It's always nice to meet someone who can make you feel so much peace...we all need such gurus in our lives, don't we? ;-D