Friday, 9 May 2008

Slug at work

Ever had one of those days when your energy level is down to zero? Well, I'm having one of those days. It started out alright in the morning but by late morning, a sudden wave of lethargy swept over me. I picked SK up from school and crawled straight into bed when we got home.

I had never felt this tired in a long time. I suspect it must be my diet. I've been eating too much refined carbs for breakfast and lunch this week. My body is on strike!

I felt slightly better after a short nap and decided to go out for lunch with YK at Fish & Co. There were a few things to do at the mall. Within 15 minutes, I had bought 2 pretty dresses for Ting, a Science assessment book for SK, mouthwash for mum and a hair curler for myself.

For lunch, YK ordered the famous fish & chips, mushroom soup and a passion fruit soda. His meal arrived after a long wait and I found the fish & chips a tad over-cooked. Everything was brown instead of golden brown!

I ordered mussels in a creamy garlic sauce thinking I need to incorporate some protein and zinc in my diet. Probably a good move cos I had a surprise meeting in store.

Mussels served with foccacia bread.

After lunch, we picked up some groceries at the supermarket. As we're having a BBQ at best friend's house tomorrow, I'm preparing coleslaw, ham & pineapple kebabs, hotdogs, teriyaki chicken, portobello mushroom (grilled with garlic and butter) and fish fillets seasoned with olive oil, butter and a pinch of salt.

My phone rang just when I got home. My customer from Indonesia had just arrived at our office to meet me. Oh, I didn't know he was coming afterall. He emailed me a couple of days ago but didn't confirm the appointment.

Suddenly, I was jolted out of my lethargy. With new found energy, I grabbed my bag and rushed to the car to make the 30-minute drive to the office. I apologised for making him wait (though it wasn't my fault, really). We had a good chat and now I'm WIDE awake! And it's the end of the workday!


The World According to Me said...

I hope you're not too wide awake and can sleep tonight! But I'm glad you've got your energy levels up.

I've been raher sluggish today, I've had trouble sleeping again the last couple of nights. Nearly feel asleep in a meeting this morning!

The barbie food sounds delicious.

Happy weekend.

JYankee said...

you found energy for work? ick.... lol hope the meeting went well! food looked delish..and yeah i wanna come for the bbq too!

Michelle said...

Your food phoros kill me. Now I'm HUNGRY. :-P

BTW, I have a challenge for you.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Try this Ting, take a super high carb big breakfast in the morning, it will gives you much energy to burn for the whole day :)

La delirante said...

I am feeling very sluggish today
:( Oh well, it's Monday :)