Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Rusty speaks

YK and I were having one of our meaningful conversations in the car this morning....
"Mom, what do you think Rusty would say if he could talk?"

I'm the mummy, of course I know what he would say!

Get your filthy hands off me!

Maybe if I keep really quiet, nobody will find me here.

Let me go, you're crushing me!

You can run, but you can't hide from me!

I'll show you who's the boss, you little twit!

From where I come from, breakdancing is still a fad.

What do you mean I need a nose job?
Dressing up sucks!
Maybe if I play dead, she would stop harrassing me.
I can't believe we have to sit on the porch at 6am just to wave goodbye.
Cookie, you stay! I'm going back to bed.

Geez , you're still there? No wonder you're called Cookie. You're such a sweetheart.


Anonymous said...

if our dog could talk it would be really noisy and get on our nerves really quickly

Nick Phillips said...

I love the pictorial BT :D And yes, I'm sure that's what good Rusty would say if he could speak ... hehehe ...

Michelle said...

You got Rusty's thoughts perfect.

I think that if dogs could talk they'd mostly be saying "can I"

Can I have that biscuit? Can I have that ice cream? Can I go for a walk? Can I sit on that? Can I be scratched?


Blur Ting said...

JY- I think it's better that they talk instead of bark :-)

Blur Ting said...

Nick - Hey, you're supposed to get a dog! Still not yet?

Blur Ting said...

Michelle - hehe, you're quite right. I can imagine my dogs saying that :-)

Rusty likes to push our door open to get into our bedroom. We would really like him to close the door after he gets in. We tried teaching him but no use.

charlie Hotel said...

My dogs says this everyday when I get home:

"Ooh! Ooh! You're home! You're home! *slurp slurp* Mmm your arm is salty!"


J@n!ce said...

You post kept me smiling. The captions go so well with the pic. I had a good laugh :)

seagrape said...

i love you Rusty :)

The World According to Me said...

Yep, I'm sure that's exactly what he would say!

I like the break dancing one!

Amel's Realm said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW...I LOVE all these pics and quotes he he he he...