Friday, 30 May 2008

Weekend is here

Our friend Licia treated us to steamboat dinner last night. It was a delicious dinner indeed. All the ingredients that we dunked into the rich broth were very fresh. It's definitely one of the best steamboat places we have been to and certainly lives up to its name - Paradise on Earth.

Unfortunately, poor Licia had just broken up with her boyfriend of 3 years, so we weren't in the most celebratory mood. Sometimes a relationship just isn't meant to be and in a way, this turns out to be a blessing because she's such a sweetie who definitely deserves someone better.

It's Saturday morning and we're at the office. The kids are here because the broadband connection at home is so bad, they can hardly go online. It's especially bad today because of the heavy rain. I quite enjoy coming here on a weekend. It's quiet and peaceful and not like going to work at all.

I fixed them stir-fried lo shi fun (rat tail noodle) for breakfast. It's a rice noodle shaped like a rat's tail and when fried with eggs, fresh shrimps, green vegetables and dark soy sauce, this simple dish can smell and taste quite heavenly. The kids love it.

We've arrange with the house owner to allow us to make some measurements at the apartment this afternoon. That will enable us to choose furniture and appliances that will fit into the house properly. The kids are seeing the house for the first time, I hope they'll like the place. Fingers crossed.


SOUL: said...

the food looks good-- and of course i am hungry already--- but the name of it would make it hard for me to eat. -- i'm afraid. :))

did the kids like the apartment?

have a good rest of the day-

Blur Ting said...

Haha, Soul. Just trying to imagine you're chewing on the tail of a squirming rat :-)

Actually there's no proper way to call this noodle in English.We have another version that sounds better "bee tai bak".

Yah,the kids like the place. :-)

You have a good weekend!

WaterLearner said...

The Lao Shu Fen looks yummy!

I think your kids will like the house no matter what. It's going to be a haven just for the three of you. I look forward to many good pictures of your home deco with surely good taste.

Happy Weekend Blur!!

The World According To Me said...

Sorry to hear about your friend, but as you say, she deserves better. There is someone else out there for her, who will appreciate her.

Glad your kids liked the new place (just read your comment to Soul).

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