Friday 21 March 2008

Long weekend

We're having a long weekend and I've just frittered my Friday away. All I did was drive SK to meet his friends for movie, then went for lunch with YK at the Soup Spoon. I can't believe I ate an entire bowl of mushroom soup for lunch. I don't even touch that stuff on normal days! Perhaps that explained why I was so lethargic when I got home, I just had to take that nap.

Talking about Soup Spoon. It used to be a hole in the wall at Raffles City but today, it occupies a big space in the mall. It's amazing how they can get so successful selling almost nothing but soup. The concept sounds simple enough, just scoop and serve. That's all to it.

Well, it always appears simple. So, this morning, for the boys' breakfast, I tried to recreate the char kway teow dish that we ate at The Wine Shop. It's not a very photogenic dish but it tasted better than the photo here.

My nieces are here for the day. The house is filled with noise and laughter. See what they're up to?


SOUL said...

not sure if you get to see "seinfeild" on tv there? or maybe DVD?
ever see the soup nazi one?
that's what this made me think of. anyhow it's funny--if you get to see it--do.

cute girls!

have a hapy day-

Anonymous said...

looks good to me!

La delirante said...

That soup looks so healthy and yummy too!