Monday, 17 March 2008

Mother's love

When asked why she won't have kids, the very beautiful and talented actress Maggie Cheung said "I decided when I was watching the news during 9/11. When I saw those planes crash into the buildings I said to myself that I didn't want to bring anyone into this suffering. That moment clarified it for me."

She has got a point. As parents, we're constantly worrying about our children. If they're sick, we worry about their condition; if they're well, we worry how they're coping in school. If they're grown up, we worry about how they're coping in life. If they have kids, we worry about them and our grandkids.

I've never seen my mom cry. She's a very stoid lady who doesn't even cry at funerals but she said she cried when she visited me at the hospital after I had given birth to YK. The sight of me lying in the hospital bed, bloated and ugly yet beaming with joy as I cradled my newborn baby brought tears to her eyes. She thought to herself, "My daughter is now a mother, but she looks like a whale. She's no longer a sweet beautiful girl."

She also shed tears when my brothers were undergoing their basic military training (which is mandatory in Singapore). When she saw how skinny and dark they had become, with their head shaven, it just broke her heart.

She used to tell me, "I can't bear seeing my kids fall sick, especially when you all were little. It's worse than me falling sick myself."

I agree, most mothers wish they could take over their child's illness, pain and suffering. Recently, my friend pawned away all her jewelry so that she could help her son who's struggling overseas. I couldn't understand it. Why? That'll leave her with nothing for her old age. That was all she had!

She just looked at me with steely eyes. "But he's my son."


Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) said...

Yup, a mothers love knows no bounds and I can verify that with the amount of sufferings my mom went through for me and also the way my wife sacrifices for the boys. Only a mother can do those things!

Anonymous said...

Yes the things that most parents will do for their's a shame when you hear of those who don'T eh?

Mike Minzes said...

Being a mother is the closest thing to being God. Mothers are what make each and everyone of us what we are.

Mothers are the glue that keeps the world from falling apart.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Love is an amazing thing.
Actually, being kids, we really don't want to see our parents pawning jewelry or suffering too.

SOUL said...

nice post-- and true.
where would we be without our mammas.

weird thing?
even the bad ones teach us something. they teach us how we don't want to be to our own. (well, for some people)
so-- anyhow.

i hope you and motha are having FUN FUN FUN.. where's the photos?
did i miss em?

The World According To Me said...

Never a truer word spoken! Great post.
A Mothers love has no boundaries. My mum has proved this to me countless times. If I'm half the mum she is to my future children, I will be happy.

Amel said...

LOVE this post, Blur!!! I agree that Maggie Cheung is VERY beautiful he he he...;-D

My Mom used to tell me that she sold her motorbike and some jewelleries in order to make ends meet while we were growing up...yet she managed to get back the money and buy everything back once we were bigger. ;-D

She also told me that when we were kids, they didn't have enough money to buy fruit for themselves, so they wanted to give us good vitamins from fruit, so if they bought oranges (for example), they only took one small piece and gave the rest to us. ;-D

(GOOD) Mothers are THE BESTTTTTT!!!! ;-D They're GOD's angels on earth.

Blur Ting said...

Yah Amel. Mothers always save the best part of the food for the kids. That I know :-)