Wednesday, 15 July 2009

All grown up

I had breakfast with YK in the city this morning. Not a big deal but to me, it's quite a milestone.

Until recently, my suggestions to eat out together were usually met with lukewarm reception. Maybe it wasn't cool for a teenage boy to be seen about with his mummy. But lately, I'm beginning to see some changes.

Firstly, he suggested going out for dinner, just the three of us. Well, we went to Porta Porta and had a great time. We're already planning the next one - fish head curry at Muthu's. Lately, he's been talking about going on a family vacation again. Our last one was more than 2 years ago. After that, he wasn't keen on anymore family vacations. This change of heart is great news for me and I'm starting to make hay while the sun shines!

Last night, when he suggested going for breakfast in the morning, I was quite skeptical. Firstly, he doesn't normally take breakfast and secondly, he's asking me out?

We ended up at Killiney Kopitiam in Purvis Street, the same cafe where SK and I had our Wednesday brekkies in the past. When we arrived, YK offered to line up for food and pay for breakfast. I like this reversal of roles.

Sitting there, watching my son, who's all grown up and taking care of me, filled me with motherly pride. He returned to the table bringing a tray of noodles and my favourite steamed yam cake. We ate, chatted and raved about the food like good friends. Then we continued chatting as I drove him to school.

I really cherish the good relationship I have with my kids. I do enjoy chatting with their friends too. Incidentally, YK has been showing his friends my blog. As his mother, I take it as a great compliment.


jyankee said...

it's the way you have raised them. they have seen this and are more than willing to pay you back for all your hard work over the years. Good job Blur! I only hope that our Coffee Bean will be like that when she gets older!

Petunia Lee said...

YK is well on his way to becoming a man - a real man, able to cherish and protect those closest to him. I would be bursting with pride if I were you!

huier said...

Yay! Another happy day! Isn't life looking absolutely lovely?! =))

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

*pops champagne + throws confetti*


Amel said...

I'm smiling here with you. :-)))) I remember the warmth I felt whenever I could treat my parents something using my own hard-earned money (I could never save too much money while I still got pocket money from them 'coz I spent plenty on buying comics and going out with my friends). :-)))) You've got great kids, but they know you're a great Mom who deserves the best! :-D

Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) said...

Wow, cool :D My kids are at an age that if they see their friends while wifey and me are with them, they'll walk far away from us!

ST said...

It's such a wonderful feeling of warmth and comfort when your boys have taken the role of caring for their loving mum now ^__^ That's every mum's pride.

The World According To Me said...

I agree with Jyankee, I do think the way you have raised them has really made them appreciate you. You're a good mum. A hard working, caring and fun mum.

Jacqueline said...

From what it sounds like, you did an amazing job raising him. You sure have every right to be very proud of him, and I'm so happy that he's loving getting to spend time with you as well.
I'm so happy for you, and it makes me smile to know that you are enjoying and seeing these moments as being treasure.