Monday, 13 July 2009


I chuckled when I read about Paris Hilton testifying in a civil trial involving the box office bomb Pledge This!

The trial is being heard by Chief U.S. District Judge Federico Moreno, who reacted with surprise when Hilton gave him a little wave before testifying. "I've never had a witness wave at me before," the judge cracked.

In another exchange, Moreno was puzzled by the title of Hilton's current reality show, "My New BFF."

"What does that mean?" he said. After Hilton gave the title — "Paris Hilton's My New Best Friend Forever" — the judge remarked "This will be my best case forever."

Without missing a beat, Hilton replied "You're my best judge forever."

I think Paris is a real smart lass. While there are plenty of girls as rich as her, none is as shrewd and clever at making news as her. Who cares if she's really dumb or not, she's on the front page news almost every week!

Thanks to her, now everyone even those living under a rock, knows what BFF is. Soon, the term BFF will be rolling off the tongue of every granny in the USA.

Today I met up with my BFF, that's why I think of Paris. Incidentally BFF and I were in Paris together not too long ago, but that's not what today's post is about.

My BFF is a kind and big hearted person but she's often misunderstood, by me that is. I'm guilty of whinging about how she's often indifferent towards me but in reality there's nothing wrong with her. She's a wonderful girl who calls me whenever she has the opportunity but her work load is so hectic, it makes me look like a slacker.

She only managed to read my e-book today (a week late) and gave me some good suggestions in between her meetings. She encouraged me to forge ahead and never give up. And the whole time I thought she didn't give a hoot.

I realised that I'm the one with the issues. While I love her as a friend and am always very happy to see her, somedays I just can't deal with her success. Instead of focusing on her attributes (she has many), I was busy looking for faults in our friendship, one that has spanned over four decades. How many people have this priviledge to have an enduring friendship like ours?

I want to tell my BFF that I'm sorry for misunderstanding her sometimes. I know she doesn't read my blog (not because she doesn't care about me, she just doesn't have the time and habit to do so), but I cherish her and treasure her as my best friend.

We'll stay Best Friends Forever!


Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

psst.....i dun live under the rock and still dunno wat BFF is....

*slips away into oblivion*

on the other note, mike is me best friend yet he'd never care less to read me blog, well, also tat he has no time. but i is ok, a good frd no need to attend to me every detail one. *WIDE GRIN*

*really slips away into oblivion oredi*

Amel said...

Ahhh...I experienced something like this when I first moved to Finland...My friends were busy with work and so they couldn't give me as much as I needed to. That was one reason I resorted to blogging - so that there would be other people other than just my best friends to give me advice or support or whatever I needed when my best friends were too busy to do it (esp. if I need it quickly).

huier said...

Happy for you!

I've also learnt a very valuable lesson in friendships...that is, never to expect any form of returns, even when u think u have given your all. True friends only wish the best for one another. Sometimes, silence is golden...

(Really, it isn't that difficult to achieve.)

The Real Mother Hen said...

BFF - I think the term came about because BF wasn't cool enough, BF sounded more like BS, not suitable, so someone added another F behind.

Bah, I'm full of nonsense.

WK is a great person. So are YOU! :)