Tuesday 26 July 2011

Lychee obsession

I read something thought-provoking today. Terri says her friend lost 3kg in one month just by cutting down on fruit. This might make sense because I have been eating lychees non-stop for the last few weeks and I've noticed some weight gain.

Lychee is my favourite fruit. I love lychee martini, cake, jelly, drink and ice cream! Unfortunately it is a seasonal fruit. Fresh lychee surfaces around July each year and then disappear completely after a few weeks. You will have to wait another year for them to come around again.

I like the ones from China because the flesh is firm and sweet. Most importanly, the seed is small compared to the ones from Thailand. According to my brother, he had eaten much nicer ones in Taiwan but they are not exported to Singapore.

Knowing how short the season is, I have been buying them by the kilos. For the past few weeks, I must have bought more than 20kg of lychee. YK thinks I am crazy though he loves them as much as I do.

Popping a sweet, succulent and ice-cold lychee into your mouth on a hot day is more refreshing than eating ice cream. I have popped hundreds into my mouth and the result is showing in my belly. Despite daily running, the tummy simply refuses to budge.

Luckily, the season is almost over. I know because all I see now are tired looking lychees in the stores. Before you know it, they will disappear altogether. My belly too.


The World According To Me said...

Here's to a flater belly!
We don't have those fruit here but I am still working on a flater belly!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Me too! How to get rid of that TUMMY?

Blur Ting said...

Detox lemonade diet!

Wen-ai said...

O yes, I love Lychees too! And I think Beanie loves them too. I can't stop eating lychees and if I see a basket on sale, I MUST buy it, or else I'll just spend my day thinking about that basket of lychees. And yup, only the ones from China. THailand's lychees cannot make it.

Blur Ting said...

Wen-ai - LOL! Better eat more before season's over. I can't refrain from buying as well. Saw some fresh ones yesterday and bought another basket!