Sunday 25 December 2011

Boxing day

It's the day after Christmas and the sun is finally shining. I love the sun and realised now why I had been acting like a grouch when it went hiding for weeks. I feel alive again.

I'm enjoying my leftover carrot cake from the party at my friend's house last night. I made a big one, so tall that it almost couldn't fit into the cake box. After too much popiah, nobody had room for my hearty cake.

There was so much leftover I wanted to cry. I mean my carrot cake is always the life of the party and seeing how everyone was declining it made me sad. It was too rich, they said. But how can it be rich when there's more shredded carrot and walnut than flour?

To cut the story short, it was cut up and distributed to reluctant guests. "It'll taste better the next day", I assured. I brought back a quarter and shoved it in the fridge. I'm not going to make any more carrot cake.

When I woke up feeling hungry, I had a slice for breakfast and loved it so much, I refused to share with Rusty.

I'm also enjoying my Christmas gifts. As I lie in my bed, reading the book "Under the Tuscan Sun - At home in Italy" by Frances Mayes, I suddenly feel the urge to set off to Italy in search of the perfect country house. When I read her first book in 2005, I found myself alone in Florence not long after. Frances has the power to inspire me like that. Now I'm thinking I'm not too old to start my life in Tuscany after the kids have finished their studies....

I love how Boxing day is turning out. It's sunny, relaxing and I feel so dreamy. And there's still plenty of delicous cake for tea.


Petunia Lee said...

Aiyo!! I also had such thoughts!!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

I would love to have a slice of that cake!

Malar said...

I wish I have a slice too! ;)