Monday 9 July 2012

Food and friends

Food and friends - they're both equally important. I count myself very lucky to have really good friends and can't imagine life without them. Of course, sharing a meal together with friends is what I like doing best and I must say I'm doing a lot of that lately.

Over the years, I've became good friends with some of my readers. We even meet for tea or dinner. SL and K, who happen to live nearby, have invited me to their house for dinner more than once. The recent gathering at their apartment was a blast. We ate and drank until our tummies were bursting.
Banh Xeo - a Vietnamese pancake stuffed with beansprouts, fresh herbs, pork and shrimp.
Plump sausages they brought back from Germany.
Beef cooked in red wine and lots of fresh greens to go with the Banh Xeo.
Home-made apple pie.
Last week, I caught up with my old school friends ML and GC for lunch at Nano's at JCube. It was storming outside and the mall was so quiet, we had the entire restaurant to ourselves.
Rice for lunch.
Greentea and redbean parfait ice cream for dessert.
Best friend and I meet for lunch quite regularly as her office is close by. Last week, we had coffee and cake at Cedele.
Pandan cake with gula melaka frosting is really yummy.
The carrot cake is good too. Best friend is not big on cakes but she likes this one at Cedele.
On 11th July, a group of us met up to celebrate the birthdays of Chris and CH. Dinner was at Wah Lok Restaurant, followed by drinks at the Auld Alliance.
Three best friends with their partners.

After 7 years, CH and I still go out for dinner every Friday night. We ate at a Taiwan Restaurant called 8 Degrees one night and I was delighted to find lychee beer here.
Lychee beer - so refreshing!
Taiwanese pancake.
Brinjal with yummy pork floss.
Deep fried tripe.
Prawn with tangy sauce.
The oyster mee suah was yummy.
Last week, we ate at Pita Pan at Marina Bay Sands. Even though it serves only vegetarian food, I was quite blown away by the quality of food here. The humble hummus garnished with some whole chickpeas was the best I've ever eaten. Our main dish of Shakshuk, eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers and onions, was really delicious. I'll definitely go back again for the hummus and to try their pitas.


Malar said... and more food! ;)
By the way you look great in the red dress!

Blur Ting said...

Thank you Malar! So sweet of you :-)

Amel said...

I agree with Malar...I was just going to say: "Hey, you're not wearing black. It suits you!" HE HE HE HE HE HE...

Blur Ting said...

haha, thanks to all the feedback, now I know green and red are good for me!