Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Machines on strike

Lately all the heavenly stars must have been congregating at the wrong places on my chart because I've never seen money draining out of my pocket so rapidly.

It all started one fine morning at the office. My laptop crashed and could not be revived. So I got myself a new one.

Then SK's laptop started developing problems. Ever since he began the design course, his laptop hasn't been able to cope with the intensive workload. Since he's in such an urgent need of a better computer, I got him one too.

It doesn't end here of course. Water started leaking from the bottom of the washing machine and the rinse cycle wouldn't work. I sent it in for repair along with the dryer which broke down months ago. They came home with a hefty bill.

I can only say it's sheer bad luck when SK woke up one morning to find his mobile phone inside his fish tank. How on earth? We suspect it vibrated, fell from the table, onto the bed and bounced into the tank below.

So we went to the shop to get him a new iPhone 5. We brought it home and within hours, it was dead. No amount of resuscitation would help. It is so defective that even the repair centre could not retrieve the serial number on the phone. In other words, we got ourselves a lemon. We can't even get a replacement until Apple is able to wring the number out of it. All we can do is wait.

As if we have not been waiting enough... YK ordered a pair of sneakers online in April. It arrived in Singapore in early May but somehow never got delivered to our house. After many weeks of tracking and waiting, we're finally told that it has been returned to sender. We don't know whether we'll ever get it back.

Obviously SK is frustrated in landing himself a defective phone. YK is angry that the shoes he paid for is nowhere in sight. And I am just mad at the spate of bad luck.


Amel said...

Oh dear...when it rains, it pours, eh? Well, then I hope after this the sun keeps on shining brightly or at least it stops pouring!!!!

Petunia Lee said...

In threes... they come in threes. You're done for a while. No more bad things will happen to you.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

*hugs* i hope you feel better now Ting. I can so understand... When these things seem to all come at the same time, it's so frustrating!