Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Container houses

In our shipping container business, we trade in US Dollars. I remember 6 years ago, every US$ I made was equivalent to S$1.82 (Singapore dollar). So, you can imagine my excitement when I sold my first container.

That euphoria started to diminish as the exchange rate became less favourable as the years went by. Today, it had sunk to a disappointing low. Every USD we make is merely equivalent to S$1.38!

That doesn't seem like alot but assuming for every US$1 million in revenue, we make S$440,000 lesser now compared to then! That, coupled with inflation and rising costs, only means we have to work much harder in today's difficult market.

Now I am beginning to see why my dream house is getting out of reach, especially in our buoyant property market. I'm sure many other people are affected too.

I see a business opportunity here. Maybe I should build and sell container houses. Any takers?


SOUL: said...

ya know what-- people actually do that here!
not the containers you speak of..but the aluminum storage buildings--and they actually sell.. there IS a market for it-- only thing is they need to be modified..with windows and A/C etc... but.. if land is cheap-- you may have a marketable idea--- couldn't hurt to look into it-- if you could "add to them"..ya know. make them look nice. it could happen. check google for what people do to the ones out here for some ideas.
we actually considered it when we were in NM.

hope your day is a good one!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Yeah USD is so miserable, and the high fuel cost is making stuff so expensive!
Petrol may hit US$4 a US gallon (less than SG gallon) this Spring, man I'm going to get my bicycle out!!! :)

Your idea works though, the one challenge in S'pore is the land cost.

Blur Ting said...

Yah Soul. I would not hesitate to do it if I live in the US! I have seen some really fantastic modifications. It'll be so cool to actually live in one!

Blur Ting said...

MH - I can imagine it must be so expensive to live there now. When you come back to Singapore, you'll realise that prices of things have been creeping up. I spent almost S$1k on petrol every month. The day I stop sending the kids to school, I'm gonna ride a bike everywhere. Then I can save loads of money for my retirement and look so slim :-)