Sunday, 17 February 2008

Fire! Fire!

This afternoon, I came home to find a fire engine in our yard and a long hose snaking all the way through the farm.
A group of firemen was here to put out a bush fire. Some anglers must have tossed a ciggy at the reservoir bank which started a fire that burned through the dry grass and all the way up to our farm.
Our store of plastic pipes that we use for irrigation started burning, producing alot of black smoke. After my father and the workers' attempt to put out the raging fire was futile, mom called the fire department.
By the time I returned, they had just put out the fire. Thank goodness our orchid plants and wooden stands were spared. The consequences would have been unimaginable if the fire swept through our farm.

Rusty was busy barking at the fireman.

This fireman continued spraying the plastic fittings for a long while to prevent the fire from re-igniting.

Due to the strong wind and dry weather, a rather large area of grassland near the reservoir was burnt.

As usual, the dogs were snooping around, getting in everyone's way.

I grabbed sooty Rusty and brought him home for a shower.


charlie hotel said...

Should have just asked the fireman to hose Rusty down!

WaterLearner said...

Thanks goodness it's ok and no serious damages. From the smile that I can see you while holding Rusty, you enjoyed the adventure huh? :-)

What a way to end the weekend!!

Blur Ting said...

CH - haha, the jet of water will send Rusty jumping over the moon....

Blur Ting said...

Yah, the fire was encroaching towards our orchid nursery and good thing it was brought under control. Yup, it was an exciting weekend. The firemen all so macho! (shhh, don't tell CH)

seagrape said...

glad everything is ok. Rusty is too cute, probably cuter than those macho firefighters.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Exciting leh :)

The World According to Me said...

Glad the fire wasn't too serious. And the firemen were macho! Not a bad view then?!