Saturday, 16 February 2008

The happy camper

I wasn't too surprised when CH showed up with a red rose yesterday. He has done it many times before, sometimes with unusual blooms like the pink lotus flower. He knows how to make a hungry woman a happy one!

When we got to Dempsey Hill, we were both surprised at the transformation of the old run-down army barrack into a vibrant hub for fine dining. It has become a popular hangout for expats, like when we were seated at Margaritas, we were surrounded by little blond kids running around.

It was a lovely dinner. We love the ambience in the beautifully decorated restaurant and the icy margaritas.

The colourful water fountain at Dempsey Hill.

We arrived at Margaritas just before sundown.

I love the detailed attention that went into the decoration of the restaurant.
But I love my margarita the best!

The dish called 'kitchen sink' looked as messy as the real thing. We didn't really like it very much though the waitress said it's very popular with the expats. I couldn't help thinking of my kitchen sink!

The corn tortilla chips is my fav appetiser.

The beef on sizzling plate is good on its own, or...

wrapped up in a soft, warm tortilla.
We walked around the estate after dinner, marveling at the newly refurbished enclave of Dempsey Hill. Then I saw Ben & Jerry's and its striking van called "The Happy Camper".

Yes, you've guessed it. Give me an ice cream and I'm a happiest camper!


charlie hotel said...


WaterLearner said...

Oh wow.. Looks like a great dinner! The rose was a sweet gesture nonetheless.

BTW, I have started on the book. What an adventure

SOUL: said...

how FUN!
looks like a great time out.

fajitas and nachos..the best !
and less words too. :))

now i have to go look at a pink lotus- i have heard of it-- can't picture it. hmm. surprised? yep, thought not. :))
have a great day

Anonymous said...

wow.... such a sweet guy and lovely food! i love mexican...thus the reason for soul sending me those tacos last summer!

seagrape said...

kitchen sink?! how appetizing :)

The World According to Me said...

Love the look of the food and drink. Looks like you had a great night out.