Friday, 29 February 2008

Fondue dinner

We were supposed to meet CH's old friends for dinner last night but both the ladies couldn't make it in the end. Since we wanted some company, CH asked his best friends but one was leaving for Bangkok while the other was down with a cold. So, it was back to the two of us again.

Oh, what the heck, we settled for a romantic dinner for two at La Fondue, where we could huddle over a fondue pot all night long.

We arrived at Dempsey Hill bright and early. There was hardly anyone in the restaurant when we walked in. The high ceiling with black timber beams and the dim surroundings invoked a nice cosy ambience, like we were up in the Swiss alps.

The menu presented mostly sets for two, where you start with a salad followed by cheese fondue, the main course and chocolate fondue for dessert. When confronted with the large variety of cheese to choose from (from traditional Swiss cheese to Mexican herb cheese and wasabi cheese), choice of meats (chicken, beef, seafood) and cooking methods (in a broth, or a bourguignonne, or a grill) for the main meal, it all became a blur. That's when the manager stepped in to help with the recommendations.

Just then, my best friend called up and suggested meeting up for drinks later. Great! We agreed to meet at Margaritas after dinner. Our food arrived soon after...

While the garden salad was nothing to shout about, the Caesar salad, tossed with bacon bits, croutons and lots of cheese, was very tasty.

The thick and spicy Mexican cheese fondue was bursting with flavour when eaten with vegetables (brocoli, carrot, baby corn, sausage and new potatoes) and foccacia bread. It was so delicious, I could savour the gooey goodness on its own. Yum yum!

Next, a grill pan was set over the induction cooker. We had earlier picked marinated chicken, garlic/herb chicken, sirlion strips, prawn, cajun fish and lemon fish. Of course we had to do our own cooking on the pan and soon the entire room was filled with smoke and the aroma of grilled meats. The meats were very well marinated and tasted great even on its own, we didn't really need to use the assortment of dips (wasabi, mango, vinegar, chilli, etc).
The highlight of dinner at La Fondue is the chocolate fondue of course! A pot of melted milk chocolate was presented before us, together with a platter of cut fruits, brownies, marshmallows and vanilla ice cream. The chocolate had a very strong taste of milk. I would have enjoyed dark chocolate better but for some reason, we were not offered that choice.
By that time, I was suffering from a throbbing headache which had already started bothering me in the afternoon. Though I had popped 2 painkillers before I left my house, the pain was slowly creeping back throughout dinner.
When we left the restaurant, it was hurting quite badly we decided to call off the drinking session with my friend. I got home, took some painkillers and went straight to bed.
Thank goodness, it's almost completely gone this morning.


charlie hotel said...

Meal was good, but I especially enjoyed sticking stuff in the gooey cheese! Who says you can't play with your food?

Anonymous said...

glad you're know..i've NEVER had fondue...

Blur Ting said...

Hi JY, it's our first too :-)

As you can see, CH had fun playing with food, wheareas I really enjoyed eating it.

SOUL: said...

i know you TRY to torture me!!!
looks delicious!!
they have a fondue place here-- "the melting pot" but we have never tried it. we've wanted to, but we think they charge too much.

anyhow-- sounds like a good time-- but sorry you didn't feel good. i know those headaches can be a bear. hope it stays gone-- maybe you can have the drinks later??

have a great day!

Blur Ting said...

Hi Soul, they charge too much here too. For the amount of money that they charged, we could have a really sumptuous meal with free flow of champagne in a nice hotel. We didn't even drink anything that day, just water.

It's the novelty but I don't think we'll be having a complete fondue meal like this in a long time. Chocolate fondues at some ice cram/choc palours maybe, but not the whole works.

J@n!ce said...

There are quite a couple of posh restaurants that offer good treats at Dempsey Hill. Thanks for recommending this one, will try it out with hubs someday. I just cant help but kept looking at the sinful choco fondue... yum yum :)