Friday 17 October 2008

Running talk

After a yummy lunch of nasi lemak at Old Town Kopitiam, I didn't feel too ravenous during dinner last night.
Picture lifted from Old Town's website.

So I settled for BBQ chicken wings and rojak (a spicy fruit salad topped with crushed peanut) while CH had the beef stew served with rice.

The beef stew came with 4 small pieces of meat in a big bowl of soup. I know the economy is bad, but this is too pathetic.

Now, let's move on to my Saturday... After my usual morning routine, I went for a talk on running gait conducted by Kellie Pidgeon, New Balance Regional Technical Manager. As it is organised by Safra Running Club, the room was filled with sinewy athletic types. I went alone and couldn't find any familiar faces. That simply means I haven't been spending enough time at the training runs.
I learned alot from the talk and even managed to ask several questions related to my creaky knees. Of course she talked about how good New Balance running shoes are. Apparently a serious runner who does 80k a week wears out a pair of running shoes every 3 months. We're advised to avoid washing the shoes as this will make the materials deteriorate faster.
Well, I don't wear out my shoes that quickly and I don't ever wash them. Gosh, I don't even wash my car! I've got a muddy run tomorrow (The Real Run X-terrain Run), so what's the point of wearing clean shoes anyway.
Actually I haven't had time to train all week. I figured washing loads of laundry manually (it's really hard work) and walking Rusty several times a day already provide more than adequate exercise for me. Running is distant memory.
Besides, it's getting too hot outside. The only thing on my mind now is "Should I have a cup of coffee or a can of cold beer?" Maybe I'll have both. And I'm trying to suppress my urge to overeat today so that I don't feel too heavy and sluggish at the run tomorrow...

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