Wednesday, 27 January 2010


I think I'm so blessed. I've been invited to Leah's house this morning. You see, I had met Leah at Petunia's house not too long ago and we haven't stayed in touch ever since. Yet, she has remembered to send me an invite to her newly refurbished abode. I'm really excited because I'll be seeing Petunia and OKC too. In case you're wondering, our blogs had brought us all together.

I have something else to rejoice about too. CH is treating me to La bohème, an opera by Giamoco Puccini tomorrow! When I told him how I've enjoyed the opera Madama Butterfly when I visited Lucca, the town that Puccini grew up in, he saved that bit of trivia in his memory bank.

Puccini's statue in Lucca.

So when he heard that La bohème will be staged in Singapore, he quickly went out and got a pair of tickets. I'm not sure if he likes opera but he knows I do. He is sweet like that!


k@Ye_ said...

Enjoy! :)

Anonymous said...

做坏行情 :(

petunialee said...

CH is so sweet!! Lucky gal!!

Amel said...

AWWWWW that's SO sweet!!! I wanted to see an opera in Helsinki but R2 didn't want to. :-((((

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Wah... so sweet.. I enjoyed this morning's chit chat so much! And the cakes of course.. Now I know where to get nice blackforest!