Sunday, 24 January 2010

Run Rusty, Run!

When I heard about RustiRun (fun run for dogs and dog lovers) last year, I signed Rusty up without any hesitation. The run was eventually postponed and my enthusiasm also diminished with time. I almost didn't want to attend the run yesterday but I'm glad we did.

The East Coast Park was still dark when we arrived at 6.30am. There were some early birds, I mean dogs, like us too.

By the time 7am rolled around, the entire area was filled with dogs of all kinds. Doggies were busy peeing or sniffing each other's butt. Rusty was totally distracted as expected. I must say Jack Russells are inquisitive and sprightly. They like barking at other dogs. Needless to say, they're not exactly the most well-disciplined when it comes to social gatherings. Most, including Rusty, had to be restrained by the owners at the start-line.

When the whistle went off, the bigger dogs like labradors led the pack, leaving smaller ones trailing behind. As if straggling behind wasn't bad enough, Rusty was straying off to pee on a whim or checking out some sweet young things.

CH and Rusty making friends with a cocker spaniel.

Rusty only became more focused during the second half of the 3km run. Maybe he was tired or simply tired of all the distractions, he kept going until we reached the finish line, clocking in at 32 minutes.

In case you're wondering, the champion dog's timing was 16 minutes! Well, it's a big and strong dog.

The runner up - a Labrador.

I'm proud that Rusty, with the little legs, completed the run without any help. Here he is, with his first race medal!


k@Ye_ said...

Rusty, well done!!

petunialee said...

This is a funny funny post!

auntielucia said...

Eh, Blur, should SPCA call on u? I don't think my far longer legs (than Rusty's) could have done 3km in 39 minutes.. perhaps 60mins? ;)

Amel said...

GO RUSTYYYYY!!! He's so cute, too...and you look GREAT, Ting! :-D

charlie hotel said...

Official timing says we came in at 32 minutes.

The Real Mother Hen said...

The picture of your and Rusty was well taken. I like yellow lab too, especially baby yellow labs.

zeRi said...

Rusty looks so happy with his 1st medal :)