Sunday, 17 January 2010


I'm not exactly feeling on top of the world today. I've just completed some deliveries and my head is heavy. SK has been coughing and sniffing all morning, so I have reason to suspect I'm coming down with a cold.

Maybe that explains why I was feeling lethargic yesterday. I thought I had simply eaten too much the day before at Fry's housewarming party. Or could it be too much exposure to the sun? See, I spent the morning in the sunny patio painting my old garden furniture. I've given it a new lease of life.

By evening, my head was aching, so I stayed home and watched a couple of chick flicks.

Talking about chick flicks, I made CH sit through "It's Complicated" at the cinema on Friday night. He prefers action and horror movies, so he was just being indulgent of course. By coincidence, the last 2 movies that we watched together featured Meryl Streep as the leading actress.

On hindsight, "It's Complicated" must have been a scary movie for him to watch because in it, Jane (Meryl Streep) had an affair with her ex-husband after a decade of divorce. That, to me, is very scary too. Until now, I can't even conduct a conversation with the ex without starting a fight. I think an ex should not be seen or heard unless very necessary or else life will get very complicated.


auntielucia said...

MMM.. seems like Hollywood is taking story-lines from K-drama which r full of the situation u described. Check out current offering on Ch 173, on Sat n Sun nites, called Terms of Endearment.

Amel said...

Hope you won't get sick...but if you're not feeling well, take good care and rest a lot.

I also don't want to meet my ex boyfriend anymore. I'd love to just forget about him.