Sunday, 27 December 2009

Holiday aftermath

My sunburnt skin is peeling and flaking like nobody's business, it ain't a pretty sight. If only I weren't so careless during the boating trip. Then again, I blame it on the choppy sea. I tend to forget that I am prone to seasickness until I'm out at sea. The smell of diesel makes my stomach churn, then there's no turning back. Those who don't suffer from motion sickness will never understand how suffering it is.

Look in the horizon. Lie down. Sit outside. Think positive thoughts... I've heard them all. But when the head is spinning and you're throwing up your breakfast, nothing really matters. So, for hours, I laid on the deck, too sick to care about the burning sun or sea water splashing on me. Needless to say, the aftermath isn't pretty. It will take months for the skin to repair and look normal again.

Still I am thankful we didn't get any sandfly bites this time. These tiny flies love lurking on the beaches and their sting can haunt you long after your vacation is over. One time, I returned home after a beach holiday with 50 bites all over my body. Not only did I look hideous for weeks, the incredible itch kept me awake at night. While I remember the pristine white beaches, I'm afraid I remember the sandflies more.

What can be worse than sunburn or insect bites? Chapped lips and scaly skin. Traveling to temperate places has its perils too. Just one week in a cold, dry place will turn me into a scaly lizard regardless of how much lotion I slap on. I'll itch and scratch like a monkey for months, and swear I will not visit cold wintry places ever again.

But as soon as my skin regains its lustre again, I will forget about the motion-sickness, peeling lips or sandfly bites. I'll be ready for my next vacation to anywhere. Doesn't matter where...


fishwithoutbicycle said...

I hear you Blur Ting, even just coming from New York to the UK for 2weeks has affected my skin a little bit and the climates are relatively similar, but my lips and hands feel drier than usual and I am always putting on lotion. I find the Aveeno lotion works really well. I think it's something to do with the oatmeal in it. Apparently oatmeal has magical skincare properties :-)

Sorry to hear about the motion sickness and the sunburn. Hope you feel like yourself again soon. Fish

Amel said...

Ugh...sorry to hear that. I have MAJOR sea-sickness as well so I'm afraid of going on boats or ferries...can't enjoy the journey at all - all I can do is just close my eyes tightly and hope I don't puke! Ugh...

Amel said...

Oh and wish you a speedy recovery for your sunburnt.

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

moisturize! moisturize!!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Ah that picture speaks a thousand words. I think I would trade itch skin for that incredible view too :)

k@Ye_ said...
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k@Ye_ said...

Yes, agree with ah fry... Moisturize²!

Also, wear those think cotton long sleeves & pants to protect the skin! Oh oh, bring an umbrella to protect urself....

SOUL said...

i have two words for ya my friend---
aloe- vera. it's a true life saver for sun burnt !
also-- plain ole white vinegar is quite soothing to the dry burned scaling lizard skin.
just a couple tips from the careless here in texas. :))

i love this post-- your sarcasm is refreshing-- but i do feel your pain.
that sun out there can be brutal.

but- i must say-- i'd give anything to be on that boat right now. yes that particular boat-- in that particular ocean.
it's way too cold to even think about goin on my boat right now out here--- besides that? hubby totally trashed our trolling motor shaft as he drove our boat out of the lake last time--- he forgot to raise the trolling motor!!! and drove like 100 feet with it dragging the ground!

can you say-
"can't have nuthin"

it's all good--
i just want warm-- it's sposed to snow again today--
send me a plane ticket?

hope your day is happy

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