Friday, 20 August 2010

French food

By now you would know that CH and I go out for dinner every Friday. We've been doing this, without fail, for 5 years! Whilst we used to plan ahead, these days we pick our location depending on the traffic.

Friday night traffic can be a nightmare especially on rainy days, so we keep our ears peeled on the traffic report. Yesterday, there was a massive jam along the highway, so we made a quick exit and ended up at Macpherson Road. That's when we decided to go to The French Stall.

Many years ago, we ate at the Serangoon Road outlet and left very impressed with the food and service. I can't quite remember what we ate though CH was sure we had the mussels and duck.

The restaurant was rather quiet when we arrived but the tables started filling up qucikly. Business is good here! There aren't many restaurants serving good and reasonably-priced French food in Singapore, so the owners have hit the jackpot. Despite being located in the heartlands, there was no lack of customers, both local and caucasians, here.

The food is excellent and service is brisk and friendly. Despite the casual ambience, it felt romantic having dinner with CH at the French Stall. Maybe it brought back memories of that dinner date long ago or the biking trip we did in France 3 years ago.

We must be feeling nostalgic when we ordered the Rose wine. It was the beverage that we drank daily during our vacation. For starters, we had escargot (S$9.80 f0r half dozen) served with freshly baked bread. The tender and plump escargots, smothered with garlic butter sauce topped with sliced almonds, were delicious. One of the best I had eaten.

Being the more adventurous eater, CH ordered braised beef tripe ($16.80). I baulked at his choice initially until I tasted one piece. It was absolutely delicious, I had to try another one. The tripe was cooked in a buttery sauce until meltingly tender and fragrant.

The duck confit ($25.80) was also cooked to perfection. The meat was soft and moist, just perfect, paired with lightly boiled lentils.

We shared a giant profiterole ($8.20, prepared in-house) for dessert. It was so good, we finished everything.

We had a really enjoyable dinner and the best part is, we didn't have to travel all the way to France for good French food.


JY69 said...

It's good you're still keeping up the traditional dinner date... food sounded great! Too bad no pics tho...but food already in tummy yes???

建枫 said...

好熱鬧喔 大家踴躍的留言 讓部落格更有活力..................................................

Petunia Lee said...

Ok... I go eat there now!! I love your blog. Fills my mind and fills my tummy!!

Blur Ting said...

JY - I forgot to bring my camera!!

Blur Ting said...

Petunia - I quickly wrote this post because I knew how much you love French food. I was quite sure you would go pronto. ;-)

The World According To Me said...

I think it's great that you still do this every Friday night. I love eating out. I had a lovely meal by the river at the weekend, but I too forgot my camera!

Blur Ting said...

World - Sometimes even dates get routine. In my case, that's how I left my camera at home :-P