Saturday 7 August 2010

Old cow Vs Tender Grass

The newspaper vendor near my house always brightens up when he sees us. He's such a cheerful guy, I buy my papers from him even though his stand is the furthest (amongst the 4 vendors) just to hear him say, "Good morning My Lady!"

He's always on the lookout for Rusty. Today he asked about Rusty's age.

"Oh, seven?! That's old. I thought he's still a puppy."

In human years, Rusty is about 50. Last night, we came across Bella, a 5-month old pup who was out on her walk. She's a head turner. According to her owner, her father's a German Shepherd.

No wonder (the normally aloof) Rusty was all over her yesterday. They pranced and twirled about playfully. The high energy dance went on for about 15 minutes. Rusty's tiny tail was wagging like a rattlesnake's, showing his affection for that sweet young thing.

It took me a while to pull them apart. The moment we were out of Bella's sight, Rusty sat on the grass, trying to catch his breath. He was too tired to walk up the hill, I had to carry him home!

It was so funny, I instantly thought of this Chinese movie that is currently showing at our theatres - Old Cow Vs Tender Grass which tells the story of Moo (played by Henry Thia), a taxi-driver in his late 40s, and how his routine life changes when he gets acquainted with an attractive but eccentric lady, Moon (played by Crystal Lin). Meanwhile, Jack Lim plays a rugged taxi-driver who falls for a lady from China (played by Siau Jiahui). The movie attempts to explore the seemingly improbable romantic relationships in today's society, through a simple yet hilarious storyline.

Oh dear, Rusty is also an Old Cow!

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charlie hotel said...

Haha, midlife crisis for Rusty.

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