Tuesday 24 August 2010

Shopping with a teen

If you're wondering what Coca cola chicken tastes like, so do I! We didn't eat that for dinner afterall because I didn't have the key ingredient.

I was planning to buy Coke, hair conditioner and body soap on the way home. Then YK asked if I could pick him from the fish farm. Then we swung by Giant Megastore which is so huge, my mind went blank and I completely forgot what I was there for.

Going to the supermarket with a teenager is never a good idea. YK headed straight to the sushi counter and picked up some sushi (for immediate eating) while I browsed at the fruit section. Just as I was about to drop a bag of Gala apples into the basket, he said, "Don't buy gala apples! I only like Washington apples because that's how apples should look like."

So he picked some shiny red apples while I got some rose coloured Fuji apples for SK. When I reached out for a bag of red onions, he said "Why not take the big white ones? They are nicer."

I personally like red onions because they release more flavour during cooking. Anyway,we ended up buying both types.

We went to the chiller to get some fresh chicken to make radish soup. He saw the meat and went "They look so gross! Let's not buy chicken. The fish stinks too." He's also against frozen food. We bought lots of vegetables instead.

Then suddenly he said, "We had better leave before my fishes (that he bought from the fish farm) die from the heat (in the car)."

So we paid up and left, without my Coke, hair conditioner and body soap. That is why we had grilled chicken wings instead of Coca cola chicken last night.


Petunia Lee said...

Oh gosh! This is hilarious!!

Malar said...

hahahhaa.... Your son is really good is choosing the best i think!
Now i just wonder what my son will complain/intruct me to buy once he grow up! ;-))

ckl said...

Yes, the joy of shopping with a teenager - I have two teen daughters and they are worse!

The World According To Me said...

Shopping with teenagers hey! Funny story though. That's why I like shopping on my own. Not that I have a teenage son!