Monday, 13 September 2010

Birthday boys

SK and Rusty, 7 years ago.

My little boy turns 16 today! I know I say this every year but I must say it again, "How time flies!"

The tiny baby (only 2.8kg at birth) is now a tall and muscular young man, with a good head on his shoulders. He has proven to be diligent and quietly ambitious. On the way to school today, he asked, "What's a bachelor's pad?"

Then he wanted to know what kind of salary he has to earn and save before he can buy his own house. Maybe he thinks the process is too slow because he asked, "Is it easy to set up a business?"

That's my boy! He had asked the right question! After giving him a summary, I asked if it all sounds interesting to him. He said "No."

Ah, he's still young. Happy birthday SK!

Incidentally, Rusty just turned 7 this year, that's 49 in human years. The little dog is officially the oldest member in the family!


Open Kitchen Concept said...

Happy birthday SK!

Wow. Rusty is old.. My friends dog is 17.. I didn't know dogs can live that long...

Malar said...

Happy birtdhay to SK!
Rusty is 49yr old????? wow! He is ebcoming senior citizen!

JY69 said...

Happy Birthday to both! 49 already? Gosh our dog is ancient!

Wen-ai said...

Happy B-day to both SK and Rusty! Wow, you do NOT look like a mother who has a 16 yr-old son!

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

happy birthday to all!! may SK be strong + smart + healthy + happy + earns very well (grades 1st), and dearie o' Rusty be strong + healthy + smart + happy!!

J@n!ce said...

I was about to say that SK still looked cute with some chubby cheeks when I realized that the photo was taken 7 yrs ago? hehe ;p

So fast he is planning his future. You are really fortunate to have such a diligent & matured boy :)

Happy birthday, SK :)

Amel said...

Happy belated birthday for SK and Rusty. Rusty is old indeed...and may SK become the best that he can step at a time. :-D

The World According To Me said...

Happy Birthday to your little boy! I'm sure he will go far in life, especially with such a good mother and teacher of life as yourself.
Happy Birthday to Rusty too.