Wednesday, 8 September 2010


The lunch date with my friend was very enjoyable, even more so because we share much in common. After being apart for more than ten years, we had lots of catching up to do.

Naturally our conversations veered towards the tumultuous years of marriage and betrayal, denial, loneliness, overcoming adversities and raising the kids.

She had traveled the world, lived overseas for some years and is now back here. It's strange how our lives end up uncanningly similar after our own colourful journeys. Now that we've found each other again, it's comforting to know that there's someone who shares the same fears, anxiety, hardship and joys of bringing up our children.

She understands why I'm fiercely protective of my children and how much it means to provide them with a normal childhood and be there for them 100% of the time. Because we are all they have for now.


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It's always good to let off steam with people who have been through similar experiences. Here's to friendship and motherhood!