Thursday, 17 May 2007

Putting things in perspective

I have come to realize another great thing about friends. They help me put things in perspective. I didn’t realize how lucky I was until Mother Hen tells me again and again what a loving family I have. I am, indeed, considering she lives thousands of miles away from her parents.

So, I made an extra effort to chat with mum this afternoon and tell her how she’s dearly loved by everyone in the family, even her daughters-in-law. It helps that she’s a nice lady but I have heard of other nice ladies being ostracized by their own kids and their spouses. She agrees that she’s very blessed.

I realize that I am just as blessed. When I complain about the kids, friends and relatives always tell me I have brought up them up well. Looking at how they’ve turned out, I do feel so proud.

It upsets me to hear people complaining about their partners, frivolous things like they’re not romantic or exciting enough. I’ve even heard women whining that they haven’t fought with their boyfriends for too many months. Hello! Aren’t you happy you’re not dealing with ‘real’ problems here? Do you think life would be better if you’re living with an abusive husband or cheating wife?

I have learned to count my blessings but sometimes I forget….until my friends help me put things in perspective again. That’s something I am always thankful for.

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The Real Mother Hen said...

Actually that's because we're getting older :) hehe