Sunday, 6 May 2007

Songs about girlfriends

I was running to the latest hits on the radio this morning. 98.7FM was playing ‘Girlfriend’ by Nelly. I notice how men love to sing about their girlfriends. Take this one by Cupid’s Chokehold for example. He proclaims his love for his girlfriend for the world to see, “Take a look at my girlfriend…”

Avril Lavigne came on air next shouting “Hey hey you you, I wanna be your girlfriend!’ But Natasha Beddingfield had to go and spoil it all by singing “I wanna have your baby!”

Hey you! Don’t you know that it goes downhill from here? You don’t see any guys singing about the mother of their babies, do you?

Maybe they’ll sing about their babies, but not about the wifey.

Hey guys, show some love please!


Random Magus said...

You are SO right - never thought about that.
Why I wonder?
Maybe for guys its only the chase?
But phonetically I am just thinking how it would

Blur Ting said...

Ha ha, can you imagine?
"Take a look at my wifey, she's the only one I got..." (duh!)